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  1. BurnedToast Oct 02, 2013

    Okay i'll leave that to you then, i'll see with what i can help with.

  2. LuluOokami Oct 01, 2013

    It'll take a lil time, but I can do a few changes and then just have to get someone to help us do a page design you know all zelda themed

  3. BurnedToast Sep 30, 2013

    Oh i thought we wer able to change the group name. Well let's see *thinks* do you think you can change the layout?

  4. LuluOokami Sep 30, 2013

    Can't change the group name, but we can redo the layout and give the people reasons to want to take part here.

  5. BurnedToast Sep 30, 2013

    Not sure, maybe we should change the group name? I mean i like this game alot but sadly there arn't many Zelda fans around her on MT.

  6. LuluOokami Sep 27, 2013

    Wonder what it'd take to get this place active.

  7. BurnedToast Sep 27, 2013

    Yeah i know, i thought so to but sadly is not active :/
    welcome to the group by the way.

  8. LuluOokami Aug 16, 2013

    A group for one of the great game series ever O.O count me in.

  9. BurnedToast Oct 21, 2012

    It's been so long that i havent play this game.

  10. AngeKrystaleen Jul 26, 2012

    Hey ! Listen !

    ... *shot*


    Hum, hello here ! =)

    Zelda is one of my favourite video game ! o/ I especially love OoT and TP (Epona my love ! <3 I love to hide her, and go where I want in Hyrule's Fields !)

    I'm also a big fan about OST of all game, but I think my favourite is the Song of Storm, and Song of Time *w*

  11. FierceDeityLink Jul 07, 2012

    Legend of zelda All the way this game is too good My All time fave is Ocarina Of Time I Can beat it in seven hours

  12. BloodWolfX Nov 11, 2010

    I don't think there was another kingdom, Ordon was just a small outlying province like the desert and Snowpeak. But yeah, I've already expressed that I'd like to see another kingdom with Hyrule, possibly at war.
    I guess we will kinda get that with the whole sky place, unless that's going to be like Ordon.

    Super Link Bros, starring Link and Tingle.
    Kinda reminds me of a game on Newgrounds... It was Super Mario Bros. but u could switch between all the different 8-bit Characters like Link and Samus and Megaman. Can't remember the name though.

    merged: 11-22-2010 ~ 04:21am
    Here's something to think about: what if Zelda wasn't Zelda? What if Ocarina of Time wasn't a Zelda game, but a new IP? Would it still have been the #1 game for so long? Or any other in the series, for that matter.
    Playing through Wind Waker after beating it, when you don't get the iconic green tunic, it made me think about that. How much of what makes us love Zelda is just the "Zelda theme" of it?

  13. DarthTofu Nov 08, 2010

    Or maybe we can screw origin stories completely and just throw Link into a new land Oracle style!
    Idk, I like the idea of revisiting Termina, or even a game that involves more than one kingdom at a time, maybe even how they interact with Hyrule. (I mean, TP had Ordon which wasn't part of Hyrule, but you can't really call that a Kingdom unless there we just never saw the rest of that country.) But I'm kinda sick of origin stories.

    Hrm.... flying Epona and Bowser. Haha! I like that idea. XD

  14. BloodWolfX Nov 07, 2010

    Screw Ganon entirely, Link should fight Bowser at the end. Just to switch it up, lmao.

    Hmm... A dragon would be nice, but maybe they can just give Epona wings, making her a pegasus. We can dream right? XD Err... Not that I dream about pegasi often.

    I was thinking just today, I wouldn't totally object to visiting Termina again. Maybe a game about the origin of Termina, the way SS is for Hyrule?

  15. DarthTofu Nov 05, 2010

    Well, Technically in TMC Link *wasn't* reborn to fight Ganon. But then again it was Vaati's origin story and eventually the Four Swords DID involve Ganon even though technically TMC was a prequel and all that, well, that's a different story arc and SS is directly tied to OoT so my point is moot anyway.

    I'm a fan of having a horse as long as it's actually necessary for most of the game, or at least convenient. (warping so early in TP *cough*) But I definitely did enjoy the horseback battles a lot. Though if this Link is from the sky, I wouldn't say no to a dragon, either. Just saying. :P

  16. BloodWolfX Nov 03, 2010

    I remember getting sheet music and trying to play it on the ocarina. Who knows, maybe the origin of the Ocarina of Time will be in SS.

    Lol, the evil that begets Ganon? Perhaps Ganon's ancestors, or the founders of the Gerudo tribe.
    Every time Link has been "reborn," it was to combat Ganon, so maybe it will be some kind of Ganon-prelude.

    Another question, horse or no horse?

  17. DarthTofu Nov 02, 2010

    I definitely agree about the lack of music in TP. Wolf howling and whistling and stuff was so limited compared to the "I feel like playing something right now" of the previous games, ESPECIALLY the ocarina. (I LOVED how you could play an every note on that thing with different button combinations; it was like a real instrument). Especially since a whistle of some kind has been present since the very first game. It's practically a staple! And that little horshoe thing to call Epona doesn't count.

    I wonder if they'll have like, an origin of whatever made Ganon evil in the first place thing, like the evil behind the evil that eventually combines to turn Ganondorf into Ganon? idk. I'm pretty hung up on the idea of keeping Ganon in the picture. XD

  18. BloodWolfX Nov 01, 2010

    I recently played through Assassin's Creed 2 so I have the image of Link in Ezio's place stuck in my head. XD But yeah, a more mobile Link will be nice.
    It will be interesting to see what they do about the final boss. It would be difficult to have Ganon and make it fit in the timeline. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't Ganon, though.

    More than anything, I want music in the game. I was disappointed when TP didn't have music beyond wolf howling at specific points in the game. Lmao, maybe since they have 1 to 1 control, they could give Link a violin.

  19. DarthTofu Nov 01, 2010

    Oh, thanks for that link! I still check instead of zeldauniverse since that was my favorite site back in the day... even if it IS not nearly as up-to-date.

    Orchestrated music? Nice. I also LOVE that Link is going to be more mobile. :D Though I'm not sure if I like limited climbing abilities. If it lasts as long as it did in Shadow of the Colossus, than fine, but if it's like swimming in TWW... Oh boy.

    as far as

  20. BloodWolfX Oct 31, 2010

    Swordbeams are back? O.O I haven't been keeping up either. I shall now go read up on it.

    merged: 10-31-2010 ~ 07:25pm
    Ok, I read up here.
    Doesn't say jump button, but it seems more like SS has a more active Link, I guess going with the trend of free-running in games.

  21. DarthTofu Sep 30, 2010

    As a Zelda fangirl...
    And as an even bigger Muse fangirl....

    merged: 10-01-2010 ~ 01:07am
    oh, btw, 3DS... is so freakin' expensive. I think I'll actually wait before getting one. :\

    merged: 10-13-2010 ~ 08:25pm
    I'm really really late on this, but apparently swordbeams are back in Skyward Sword, and apparently manual jump has been added? Unless I'm confused. I haven't been keeping up.

    merged: 10-28-2010 ~ 05:56am

  22. BloodWolfX Aug 10, 2010

    What about the 3D aspect of it? Do you see it as a great new way to play like they intend, or as just a novelty?

    Lol, it's been awhile since we've heard anything about ST. How is it so far? XD I need new games for my DS, I only have Soulsilver.

    Also, I want to share this.
    It just really stuck with me when I saw it, because I played quite a bit of Link's Awakening as a kid.

    merged: 08-13-2010 ~ 05:54am
    Streamed marathon of Zelda for a charity.
    First is OoT, then MM, Windwaker, TP, LoZ and finally Zelda II. It started today (Thursday) and will last 72 hours.

    merged: 08-13-2010 ~ 06:11am
    They are just about to the water temple right now, megrace. XD Watch and get some pointers? lol

    merged: 08-25-2010 ~ 01:00am
    Another "All Time Greatest" contest by Gamestop, but this time it's Villians.

  23. DarthTofu Aug 05, 2010

    I'm actually also very excited about the 3DS remake... for a very simple reason: I'm by and large a portable gamer. My DS games get more playtime than my famicom/Wii/GCN/PS1-2-3 games combined. And that's not counting the several thousand batteries I went through on my gameboy.... so a portable OoT will basically be played to death. I actually replayed a bit of it today. :) Been awhile, clear forgot how much I loved it.

    ...Oddly enough, I breezed through the Water Temple (it still took around 4 hours, but I never actually got stuck. Just lost haha). Maybe because I had already heard the horror stories so I concentrated extra hard while playing it. XD Jabu-Jabu's Belly in OoA was EVIL though. GAAAAH.

    TWW is my favorite. ^^ Though I think it had sooo much untapped potential, it's just so... AWESOME. It's cute, it's funny, it has a cohesive and mature story... Pity Phantom Hourglass sucked.

    And I STILL haven't finished ST. I'm on the last temple actually. Kinda really annoying.

  24. BloodWolfX Jul 29, 2010

    Great choices. I actually had the urge to replay WW a while ago.

    Aonuma said he thought 3D is perfect for Zelda.

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